Wesley Sneijder May Decide the Future of Manchester; United vs City


Manchester City have spent the majority of their existence known merely as the little brother to Manchester United and even with their unmatchable spending power, have remained no.2 in the city of Manchester. However the Red Devils’ golden run may be coming to an astonishing end, and it comes in the form of one solitary player.

Wesley Sneijder has emerged as the probable replacement for United legend Paul Scholes and the key to propelling the club into a class shared only with Barcelona and Real Madrid. Few would argue they are the best team in England, but Sir Alex will not rest until they are back on top of European football and Sneijder would appear to fast track that process.

However it has emerged in the last few days that the team on the other side of town too are interested in the Dutch maestro. Understandably we are to take transfer rumours within England with the finest grain of salt, however if true, and if it is more than a feeble attempt to drive up his transfer fee, we could begin to see the changing of the guard.

If Manchester United sign Wesley Sneijder, their midfielder, which to be fair is as talentless a group as the club has seen in at least 15 years, would be exponentially better and it would add a new dimension to a team that already holds the English Premiership. Sneijder would reiterate their status as England’s no.1 team and would compliment the expensive summer the club has participated in to ensure they remain at the top.

If Manchester City sign Wesley Sneijder, it would signify something much more than just a world class signing. Who among us would ever have thought that the world’s finest players would be flocking to Manchester, but not to play for United?

The main stumbling block in Sneijder’s move to Old Trafford appears to be his wage demands, which are higher than what Wayne Rooney earns, the club’s highest ever weekly earner. Manchester United will not give Sneijder the money he apparently wants, but Manchester City are already giving that kind of money to players that aren’t even in their first team squad.

Money talks and now that Manchester City have a major trophy, a Champions League position and some of the finest players in Europe, the promise of success has never been higher. There is no reason why the world’s best should not hesitate to go to Eastlands as they can offer everything their closest rivals too project. But the significance of a major target choosing blue over red would unofficially bring an end to the unrivalled dominance of the great Manchester United.

If I were Roberto Mancini, I would be moving heaven and earth to ensure this happens. Sneijder does not want to take a pay cut but appears set on a move to the world’s premier club football competition. Sneijder does not fill an obvious need for the club, although he would make any side better. He is not a necessity and they would still very much be a contender without him, but the message it would send would be felt around the world.

There is no player in the history of the game that is bigger than Manchester United, but the retaining of their position within their own city has never been under a greater threat.

It is almost unfathomable to think of City as Manchester’s top club, and by no means am I writing this in belief it will happen, at least not any time soon. But the signing of Wesley Sneijder will mean a lot more than just a transfer of a player, it will be a transfer of power.