3 reasons why other clubs are ‘annoyed’ by Erik ten Hag and Manchester United

Erik ten Hag, Manchester United (Photo by CON CHRONIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Erik ten Hag, Manchester United (Photo by CON CHRONIS/AFP via Getty Images) /
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The nightmares of the past

As I said before, fans of other clubs like Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea are still having nightmares of Manchester United of the past. Arsenal was perhaps the best team playing fancy football in the early 2000s. However, if you ask their fans how many Premier Leagues they won, they will answer 2 in their early 2000s and 1 in the late ’90s. How many Premier League United have? It’s 13.

20 years ago was the last time Arsenal won the league. They were certain to win the league last time around. However, as I often refer to them as “the Chokers”, they did choke in the end. They have done this again and again.

Erik ten Hag made Manchester United look like a proper side last season. This season we started horribly. However, the nightmares of the past were back for City, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Yes, we were humiliated by City and Liverpool and we lost at the last minute against Arsenal in our away games last season.

However, when they came to Old Trafford, each and every one of them got hammered except Brighton and they seem to be the nemesis for Erik ten Hag. In fact, Ten Hag schooled Arteta at Old Trafford by plotting Cristiano Ronaldo as a decoy last season. Thus, they want the Devil to stay asleep as long as possible because when the Devil wakes up, other clubs will get new nightmares for sure. This happened during the era of Sir Matt Busby as well as Sir Alex.