Fantasy Premier League GW14 – The Rising Son

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The days are getting shorter, there are Christmas ads all over the tele, and the occasional threat of snow from British weather forecasters – it can all only mean one thing: FPL madness is here!

We are about to have 8 FPL gameweeks in the space of 1 month (including GW21 on New Years Day), so you better be ready for what is about to come your way!

As I said last week, now is the time to get your bench in order, ensure you have at least 14, if not 15 regular starters and keep a close eye on when those deadlines are, because you will kick yourself if you miss the chance to captain a Mane hat trick or bring in Son for an explosion.

The Top Flight will be posting regularly throughout this period, albeit sometimes with shorter articles, to ensure you get all the info you need to have a successful festive fixture period. But now to the matter immediately at hand – GW14.


Here’s my latest update on fixture difficulty.

  • Sheffield United have an excellent run in the next 6, although it starts to drop away in the longer term
  • Palace’s difficult fixture run is at an end and it should be clear sailing for Hodgson’s team until January
  • Mourinho has been handed a kind start as Spurs manager, hopefully, that will combine with the new manager bounce to give us a points boost
  • Everton are in dire straits, and it’s not about to get any better. Abandon ship!
  • Brighton and Burnley could also be in for a rough patch, although possibly worth holding the likes of Ryan and Pope for the extraordinary number of save points they will inevitably rack up

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