English Premier League Matchday 8 – Best and worst picks of the weekend

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It was a weekend fit for all in red and from Liverpool as the most shocking results occurred in the Premier League all over Matchday 8.

The second international break ends proceedings much like the first interruption, with Liverpool unmatched and taking their winnings to eight from eight played. All this while their clamorous neighbours resume to steer off course under the stewardship of Marco Silva.

Joining the Blues from Merseyside and still looking for three points from a fixture is Watford. They’ve certainly shown the worst quality in front of goal of all clubs participating, as they only scored four goals for the season so far.

The team who remain the worst after eight games is none other than Watford. They have still not put a win on the board and are sitting dead last with three points. The break couldn’t come any sooner for this club.


Surprising results shocked the footballing nation from the first whistle to the final kick of Matchday 8’s events. The biggest debate of the weekend came from Anfield. Was it a penalty or was it not? Well, if your player was taken down, it’s a penalty all day for you. Against your team? You not having it at all.

English Premier League Matchday 8 rundown.

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