International news: Will Declan Rice choose to play for England instead of Ireland

BBC stated last month that Declan Rice could still change his mind to play for  Three Lions, even though he played three friendly matches wearing the Irish shirt.

Declan Rice is one of the most talented defensive prospects in the English Premier League. Despite being London-born, he made three appearances for Republic of Ireland but all were only friendly games, thankfully for England I guess.

The situation made Brighton’s boss, Chris Hughton answers the questions about Rice’s situation in the pre-match conference against West Ham.

“I would always sympathise with the situation. There isn’t anybody really that can make that decision for him.”

Hughton said it because he earned 53 caps for Ireland, despite being born in England with a Ghanaian father and an Irish mother.

Latest August, the Republic of Ireland’s manager Martin O’Neill said that Rice was still “considering switching to England”.

“England have spoken to him. He is taking time to make his mind up”

Is this a good idea?

We all know that Declan Rice has the potential for a great future as a defender, or defensive player in the near future. And any English fans would welcome him, if he decided to join the Three Lions.

Besides that, Gareth Southgate has built a team looking to secure the World Cup trophy in 2022. Rice is 19-year-old, so it means that he will only be 23-years old when the Qatar Wold Cup happens. However, the thing is that he must feel like an Englishman footballer to do for England and that could not be his case.

Rice has worked to a renewing of his contract with West Ham and his international decision could be a key piece to this. In addition, the Irons’ defender has asked not be called to play for Ireland yet, until he made his final decision regarding his future.

Personally, feel he will choose The Three Lions.

What do you think about Declan Rice’s episode? Will he choose England or will he return to play for Ireland? Let me know your answers in the comments below.