Chelsea vs Swansea City: 5 things learned

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1. Ivanovic exposed as Montero runs riot

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Chelsea’s back four has is regarded to be as one of the best in the league and one of the reasons is because Branislav Ivanovic takes charge of that right flank with the utmost command.

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But against Swansea and a certain winger named Montero, Ivanovic was seen chasing most of the time rather than tackling him head on. It maybe early seasons jitters which he needs to shake off as fast as possible, but if such a phenomenon lingers then it is a big concern for Jose.

Not only the Serbian seemed incapable of dealing with the pace and trickery of Montero, he was also found to be in the wrong positions and let players go past him way too easily which caused massive problems for the central defenders.

Ivanovic at age 31 maybe feeling his legs a bit but still he is more than capable of handling his own flank which he did so brilliantly last season. Just hope this is one of his bad days in the office.

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